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Learn Welding!

Learn to Weld with the best welder in Johannesburg! We have recently been asked by some if we would be willing to teach welding and steel working. Of course we are! We can teach the basics, including safety and power tool use, measuring and


Apologies for some technical difficulties recently. Looks like our Contacts page is fixed up. The site will also be getting a revamp soon. Please watch this


Our Business From time to time we receive an large number of enquiries and are unfortunately only able to begin processing those later in the month. Steelworks is a studio based business that takes extreme pride in the quality of our work. What

The Manufacturing Process

At Steelworks we're often asked what makes our products so special, as well as being asked to make some strange and wonderful items. While we are able to fulfill almost any standard steel design we also are asked from time to time to make up a