Learn Welding!

to Weld with the best welder in Johannesburg!

We have recently been asked by some if we would be willing to teach welding and steel working. Of course we are!

We can teach the basics, including safety and power tool use, measuring and welding techniques with mild steel. If we have a sustained interest Steelwork will develop this course into an accredited one in time. But for now those looking to enhance their skill set are more than welcome to make enquiries.

Cost: R500/hour (R350 each if you bring a friend).
Time: Saturdays (or by request).



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From time to time we receive an large number of enquiries and are unfortunately only able to begin processing those later in the month. Steelworks is a studio based business that takes extreme pride in the quality of our work. What this means is that while we might take a long time to make your product, be assured that it will last a lifetime.

Naturally we appreciate the business, and the implied compliment that our products are highly sought after. The work is done under the supervision of Mr P. Massingue, who is a master artisan, with several decades of experience working with all kinds of welding, casting and brazing.

Large Orders

While we generally have capacity for the discerning customer who is looking for a single piece, prototype or small number of items, we are able to outsource larger orders to various other companies and manage the project on your behalf.


Steelworks offers primarily mild steel custom fabrication made to order. We are also able to manage the purchase of large quantities of steel furniture, do basic furniture and interior design work. We are also willing to look into other customisations related to furniture, metal sculptures and basic shopfitting enquiries. We are also able to provide training in welding, casting and brazing. We are still in the process of developing this service, but are able to do basic training at your site, or welding training at ours (course is in development stages at this point, but enquires are accepted).


The following work flow is as consequence of over twenty years of experience and is intended to be fair to our customers;

  1. When you place an enquiry, it will be considered and replied to within a day or two. This is so we have time to evaluate the design, material and calculate a cost, to provide you with a fair and reasonable price.
  2. Once you are satisfied with the specifics, you will receive a formal quote which includes our terms and conditions and other relevant details. Your order will then be placed on the waiting list to be processed as soon as possible.
  3. When a slot becomes available you will be contacted via email, to let you know we can do the work for you. We usually contact the first three to five names on the waiting list depending on the sizes of the orders. Since each order is unique we do not carry a stock of supplies or products. Your deposit pays for administration and materials required for a project. The order of manufacture will then proceed in the order we receive the deposits.
  4. Once we have secured the materials we will proceed with the order and your product will be ready within three to four weeks (subject to the chroming/painting/powder coating specifics you ordered). Either for collection or delivery is an option. Orders outside of Johannesburg can be made by arrangement.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 50% non-refundable deposit on your order, balance payable prior to delivery.
  2. Inspection of product prior delivery is welcome. All products are either epoxy powder coated, plated or painted to your specifications.
  3. Please allow for 3-4 weeks lead time from receipt of deposit.
  4. Please specify your delivery address, we delivery only to Johannesburg and environs.
  5. Prices are based on a current steel prices and are valid for two weeks from the date of quotation.
  6. Products not collected/delivered within 30 days of completion will be sold to defray costs.

The Manufacturing Process

Steelworks we’re often asked what makes our products so special, as well as being asked to make some strange and wonderful items. While we are able to fulfill almost any standard steel design we also are asked from time to time to make up a large quantity of items. Now being a small home-based industry we obviously will take some time to fulfill these kinds of orders. But this extra time allows us to really give the order the utmost attention to detail. For example the Single-heart chair is one of our most popular designs and when making twenty of them at a time, although each one is a unique hand-made piece, they are polished and finished to perfection and are barely distinguishable from one another.

The process is simple we start with raw materials that are cut and bent to shape using our unique custom-built jigs (okay, we cheat a little those rings are machine bent).
Then the welding begins:
The last step is grinding and adding finishing touches:
Then the raw products are stacked and taken to our powder coaters who are able to do a range of colours:
The final product:

A close up of the quality welding and powder coating.



Steelworks is all handcrafted at our workshop in Johannesburg. In addition to custom-designed and made wrought iron (and steel) furniture we also do refurbishments of old steel and iron furniture. Our products have been featured in magazines and can be found at florist and nurseries around Johannesburg. If you see something you like on our galleries or have something specific in mind feel free to contact us for a quote.


2-in-1 Coffee/Dinner Table

Our deluxe 2-in-1 coffee/dinner table has a wood (optional glass or steel) and easily converts from a coffee table to a small dinner table that seats four. Perfect for a patio, kiddies table or for a small home or guest house.

Dimensions: 750mm x 1500mm

Price: R3500.00

2-in-1 As Coffee Table
2-in-1 As Dinner Table