The Manufacturing Process

Steelworks we’re often asked what makes our products so special, as well as being asked to make some strange and wonderful items. While we are able to fulfill almost any standard steel design we also are asked from time to time to make up a large quantity of items. Now being a small home-based industry we obviously will take some time to fulfill these kinds of orders. But this extra time allows us to really give the order the utmost attention to detail. For example the Single-heart chair is one of our most popular designs and when making twenty of them at a time, although each one is a unique hand-made piece, they are polished and finished to perfection and are barely distinguishable from one another.

The process is simple we start with raw materials that are cut and bent to shape using our unique custom-built jigs (okay, we cheat a little those rings are machine bent).
Then the welding begins:
The last step is grinding and adding finishing touches:
Then the raw products are stacked and taken to our powder coaters who are able to do a range of colours:
The final product:

A close up of the quality welding and powder coating.